ebookcoverHow big businesses keep their Customer Base profitable and hide it from their competitors to stay ahead

As consultants in one of the big consulting firms, we were privy to the advanced methods big businesses used to rationalize their customer base that improved their bottom lines by leaps and bounds.  Then when we started sharing some of the knowledge with friends over drinks, they kept asking for a step by step approach used by the big businesses.  So we decided to document it here so that small businesses can benefit from it.   Running small businesses can be quite challenging let alone making it profitable.  When you encounter these challenges, you know you need to do something about getting your customer base profitable….
1) The post GFC world has significantly changed your business and you know that it is now essential for you make some ‘hard’ Customer related changes
2) You know that repeat business from many of your medium and long-term Customers is almost always marginally profitable nowadays.
3) You have comparatively high customer servicing or product production costs with several of your lines of business because they are now well into their ‘sunset’ phase in terms of profitability.
4) You are not sure how to go about quantifying such issues (ie. measuring the total business impact) and with determining just how to go about rationalizing your Customer Base and associated lines of business to improve profitability.
5) You just need some help planning this activity, but you plan to do all the fact-finding, analysis and implementation activities yourself to minimise costs.